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Reinsman WP Two Pounder Snaffle, 5 bred

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Reinsman Snaffle, Two Pounder Mouth. Udviklet til at hjælpe med at sænke hestens hoved, se beskrivelse nedenfor.
W.P. Two Pounder Stainless Steel Rings 3/8 Smooth Sweet Iron
3 Rings This bit was designed to help lower the headset on a horse. The bridle should be adjusted where the horse has to pick up the snaffle with his tongue and pack the mouthpiece. The weight of the rings is carried by the headstall, applying poll pressure. The weight of the rings also gives a solid que when rein pressure is applied. This bit can also self school a horse that slings or throws his head. Ride with a curb strap and adjust to allow the ring movement you desire. Lifetime Guarantee
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